Monthly Special – February 2019

Tired of icemaker repair bills?  Lease an icemaker from Surety for as little as $84.00 per month for a small undercounter icemaker.  These are perfect for back bar applications, church halls, school breakrooms, etc.  Call us at 314-638-8683 for details.  You will be happy you did. ICEU220-Cube_1020
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Monthly Special – January 2019

It’s a new year and let’s start thinking about the summer weather.  Check out the undercounter series icemakers perfect for your home or business.  Call 314-638-8683 for your price and special pricing. ICEU150 - Self Contained Cube Ice Maker ICEU220/225/226 - Self Contained Cube Ice Maker ICEU300/305 - Self Contained Cube Ice Maker
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